Does Your AC Require Frequent or Costly Repairs?

Mini-split HVAC systems can be single-zoned or multi-zoned. Single-zoned systems heat or cool a single room or zone. Multi-zoned systems heat or cool a few rooms or a whole house. One outdoor compressor unit can supply enough power for as many as five indoor units. The wall-mounted indoor components are sleek, streamlined, and compact. Continue reading to find out how these systems can be used to create HVAC zoning within your Fort Worth, TX home.

How Single-Zoned Ductless Mini-splits Save Money

Single-zoned mini-splits are ideal in rooms that are way too warm in summer and much too chilly in winter. Besides banishing discomfort, a single-zoned unit may reduce heating and cooling output from the central HVAC system.

How Multi-Zoned Ductless Multi-splits Save Money

Compared to forced air systems, ductless systems are remarkably efficient HVAC products. Ductless mini-splits don’t lose conditioned air through leaky ducts. With ductless HVAC, you can disregard ductwork cleaning and sealing going forward.

Every mini-split indoor unit has its own remote thermostat. You can set a different temperature in each room. The family thermostat wars will conclude peacefully since everyone can now have the temperature their way. Typical savings with a multi-zoned mini-split system are between 30% and 40% compared to central HVAC systems.

Do Ductless Mini-splits Work With Wi-Fi Thermostats?

Pairing a Wi-Fi smart thermostat with a ductless mini-split might seem like the ultimate in comfort and convenience. With Wi-Fi-enabled devices, you can monitor temperatures at home remotely. Wi-Fi learning thermostats observe your behavior with the HVAC system, and they use what they learn to create your preferred indoor conditions. Unfortunately, many Wi-Fi thermostats are incompatible with ductless technology.

Ecobee and Nest are third-party systems that might work with an app, but they’re not designed for mini-splits. Wi-Fi thermostats can interfere with the superior humidity control and state-of-the-art inverter technology that makes mini-split HVAC systems so energy-efficient. The helpful team at Air Techs Heating & Cooling can help you find a thermostat that works with ductless technology and preserves the superior integrity of that system.

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